FORTNITE has unveiled a Street Fighter update with new items to collect.

You’ll even be able to play as some of the franchise’s most popular characters.

You can get two Ryu skins


You can get two Ryu skinsCredit: Epic Games

Street Fighter is a legendary fighting game series that debuted in 1987.

It’s since spawned endless games and even feature films, securing its place in the video game hall of fame.

Now fans of Street Fighter will be able to get some themed goodies in Fortnite too.

For a start, you can now collect Ryu – of “Shoryuken!” fame – as a skin from the item shop.

Two Chun-Li skins are also available


Two Chun-Li skins are also availableCredit: Epic Games

He comes in two variants: traditional and “Battle”, which is shirtless.

You also get the Training Bag Back Bling and the Shoryuken emote.

The other big arrival to the Item Shop is Chun-Li.

She’s got the Super Cab-Masher Back Bling and a built-in Lightning Kick! emote.

You can also get the Seven Star Flashing Flail Pickaxe, which is sold separately.

Like Ryu, Chun-Li comes in two versions: Chun-Li Outfit and Nostalgia Variant.

Buying the Ryu & Chun-Li bundles will also get you the Player Select! loading screen.

And you can get the Sumo Torpedo Glider too.

The update is available from today.

Fortnite's Street Fighter update is available right now


Fortnite’s Street Fighter update is available right nowCredit: Epic Games

This isn’t the first crossover by Epic Games for Fortnite.

We’ve seen tie-ins with major franchises including Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars (and the Mandalorian).

Most recently, we saw a Fortnite Tron update with new items.

Fortnite also infrequently hosts major events with music artists like Travis Scott and Deadmau5.

Businesses and celebs are desperate to capitalise on the cultural success of Fortnite.

And due to the game’s young player base, it’s an easy way to reach a large portion of a very specific audience.

As of 2020, Fortnite has an estimated 350million players globally.

It’s one of the world’s most popular video games, despite being just a few years old.

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