Fortnite is one of the biggest Esport out there. The game has the biggest following and many tout it to be the biggest Battle Royale game in existence. However, time and time again, players have encountered issues. And this time a pro has called out the spectator client during matches for not being efficient as they should be.

Released back in 2017, Fortnite has grown to be the biggest attraction in Esports. Last year the inaugural Fortnite World Cup set the stage for many future competitions. Young talents were discovered and the entire landscape changed.

Courage wants improvement in Fortnite competitive

100 Thieves member Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop acknowledges that Fortnite as an Esport has everything to click. He believes viewers would increase considerably if the spectator client would be improved. This is to say that the spectators who look on the matchup lags at times making it impossible for them to see plays.

There are obviously other issues with the game. Cheaters being one and server issues being the other major one. Cloakzy came in with a response of his own and addressed a real matter that another streamer/player brought to the community’s attention last day.

Nick Eh 30 also pointed out how 4 players teamed up during the FNCS. The streamer tweeted the issue after replaying files of the finals. The accused four landed at the same point and did not take a single shot at each other. It was a simple case of them pushing one to the top and this has become pretty common in Fortnite, especially during tournaments.

A Fortnite caster replied to Courage saying the LAN system is different from the replay system being used during the ongoing FNCS. The current world pandemic has a major role here, and every tournament is held while being heavily reliant on many factors.

Courage didn’t disagree but he was of the opinion that there is scope for improvement.

Fortnite has come a long way and has had many improvements down the road. The game will likely get better in the competitive scene with time. And could possibly grow out to be one among the greatest Esport of all time.