Fortnite is one of the most talked-about battle royale games right now with a massive following around the world. The online multiplayer game constantly evolves and offers tons of exciting content to help keep the players engaged. Epic Games has also been quite creative with title, especially when it comes to bringing new content and game modes.

The Creative Mode is one such game mode in Fortnite which allows players to freely create content on their own Creative Islands and share it with others in the community. With the help of this game mode, players can easily create anything that they want, which includes making their own custom game modes. This has resulted in some of the most amazing and unique creative maps that you can find in Fortnite. Today, we walk you through some of the best Fortnite creative maps created by users and their creative codes.

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Fortnite creative codes

Fortnite Prop Hunt code

Prop Hunt is one of the most popular creative islands in Fortnite that was created by the StrayKite dev team. It allows players to enter the game mode with up to 15 friends and start hiding by disguising as random props across the map. It is the job of the hunter to track down the players and uncover the identities. You can enter the island using the creative code 5717-9259-0171.

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Fortnite Fall Guys code

Tumble Lads is one of the latest creative maps that you can enjoy in the Fortnite Creative. Developed by 3D Lab, the game mode has been inspired by a popular battle royale-style party game called Fall Guys. The Tumble Lads creative map was recently released and can be entered using the island code – 5361-9496-2479.

Fortnite Faithful Fortress code

The Faithful Fortress is another intriguing Hide and Seek map in the Fortnite creative that you should definitely check out. It is one of the most extensive maps that offers a wonderful built and features huge Castles, Battle Towers, and Dungeons. You can try out the map using the island code – 6133-1993-8874.

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Fortnite Modern Warfare Shipment code

Modern Warfare Shipment is a very small multiplayer game that has been inspired by the popular Call of Duty map. The game mode is detailed and is certainly one of the best new maps to check out if you are a Call of Duty fan. You can enter the map using the creative code – 4804-9489-3873.

Fortnite Prop Racers code

Prop Racers is a mini-racing game mode that allows you to vote for a track of your choice before turning you into a prop to hit the race tracks. The game mode was recently introduced to the game and can be accessed across three different maps. You can check out the Prop Racers creative mode using the code – 8615-5534-1052. 

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Image credits: 3D Lab