Fortnite Crop Duster reactive is the latest glider to hit the Fortnite store, and it’s a doozy. It’s another glider that can change in certain circumstances, making it a reactive glider.

It’s not as impressive as a reactive back bling, but that makes sense because you can actually play the whole game and grab kills with your back bling. You can only use your glider in the air.

Fortnite Crop Duster Reactive

The Crop Duster glider costs 800 V-bucks and changes while in the air. The Crop Duster’s lights will turn on during night games! That’s the only change while in the air. So if you’re flying around during the day, you won’t see a difference, so try it out after dusk.

It’s still in the store for another three hours. Most likely, Epic Games will keep it in the Fortnite store for another cycle.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games