Fortnite is one of the top games out there right now. From celeb collaborations to fresh new content every week, they’ve got everything. Fortnite keeps adding new cosmetics to the game so that players can always have the choice of a new look while playing their favorite battle royale game. Fortnite has just released the Dark Fire bundle and players are asking how much is the Dark Fire Bundle?

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Fortnite Dark Fire Bundle

The Fortnite Dark Fire bundle is available for purchase in the Fortnite Item shop now. It brings a lot of items for the players to try out. Here’s everything the player receives when they purchase the Dark Fire Bundle in Fortnite:


Molten Omen outfit
Dark Power Chord outfit
Shadow Ark outfit


Shadow Angular Shift wrap
Molten Angular Shift wrap
Dark Angular Shift wrap

Back Blings

Shadow Ark Wings Back Bling
Dark Six String Back Bling
Molten Battle Shroud Back Bling


Molten Strikers Pickaxe
Shadow Strikers Pickaxe
Dark Strikers Pickaxe


Players can also purchase the game from the PlayStation Store or Amazon with Dark Fire bundle for $14.99.

How to level up fast in Fortnite?

There are many ways a player could level up in Fortnite, find the way most suitable for you to level up in Fortnite below:

Team Rumble

Playing Team Rumble is one of the quickest ways of leveling up. Team Rumble is a gameplay mode where two teams of 20 players each fight it out for Victory royale and the first team to achieve 125 eliminations wins the game. Team rumble helps the player to stack up their eliminations and assists and in return gain a bunch of XP. Upon each game, the players also receive a survival experience pertaining to the amount of time survived in the game. The amount of experience gained is the exact same as Battle Royale mode, but in Team Rumble the player is bound to survive till the end as they have unlimited respawns. This is where the real bonus experience comes in, the player collects the experience by surviving and adding their Combat XP. Players can also do quick challenges in Team Rumble to gain some more XP.

Bot Lobbies

This is one of the fastest ways to gain some major XP and level up fast. Bot lobbies are lobbies that consist of players controlled by AI. These bots are not very skilled and help the newbies settle into the game. These lobbies help the players to level up fast, the most efficient way to use this mode is to first loot as many possible chests, supply drops, ammo boxes, or anything the player can get their hands on. The players should also concentrate on completing quick challenges while looting as these challenges provide the play with 14000XP for completing them and they also refresh once completed and the match gets over. After every refresh the player only gets 1,400 XP for doing these again, these challenges provide 14000 XP again on the next day.

Beating on Henchmen

This is a fun way to gain XP in the game. After the Marvel-themed season 4 update Dr. Dooms henchmen have been introduced to Fortnite. Players stand to gain 120XP each time they knock down and shake down a henchman. Knocking down Henchmen is easy and they can be used to open doors after shaking them down. This way can also be used on the Stark bots and the players can gain the same amount of XP. Henchmen are found in Doom’s Domain and Stark bots are found near Quinjet landing sites.

Fortnite Season 4 XP coins

XP coins are finally brought back by Fortnite in season 4. Collecting XP coins is a great way to level up in the game and they provide the player with quite a bit of XP. There are 4 types of XP coins that can be found in the game, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Green coins can be collected directly, Blue coins are found within breakable objects, Purple coins explode into smaller coins and Gold coins need to be driven through by vehicles.

Fortnite Punch Cards

Fortnite introduced the concept of Fortnite punch cards in Chapter 2 but changed the way it was used in the last season. There are around 55 punch cards to complete in each season for the player to earn more XP. These contain different objectives for the player to complete and on completion of each objective, the player is awarded 14,000 XP. Last season the punches on the card were quite difficult to complete, but changes have been made to make these punches a tad easier to complete.

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