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Fancy a swim in Fortnite? (pic: Epic Games)

Swimming underwater is set to become the newest trick to be added to Fortnite, as new animation files are discovered in the latest update.

You’ve been able to do pretty much everything in Fortnite over the years, but the way swimming has been handled has always been very basic.

But according to dataminer Skin-Tracker a new live event next week will introduce the ability to swim properly underwater.

You’ve been able to swim on the surface now for quite a while, but there’s never been an option to go underwater; although that would fit with the James Bond spy theme of the current season.

As with anything a dataminer finds, there’s no guarantee the feature will make it into the full game but the fact that that there are details animation files and references to the live event make it pretty convincing.

The question is whether this will allow for full 3D movement underwater, which would require quite a complex movement system, and if it does whether the option will be left in permanently.

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Everything Skin-Tracker has found seems to suggest it’ll only be a temporary feature but as with anything to do with Fortnite, if fans like it then Epic Games will find a way to keep it in.

When they announced that the current Season 2 would be extended until June, Epic Games said to expect ‘multiple game updates’ and ‘fresh gameplay’ and this does seem to fit that bill.

Given the time frame involved you’d expect to hear an official announcement any day now.

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