Fortnite rolled out its season 5 after the mega-successful ‘Galactus ‘event concluded. Fans are excited for the upcoming season, as the finale of season 4 concluded with a cliffhanger.

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Fortnite Season 5’s minimal changes disappointed some fans

Fans were incredibly excited going into the season after the ‘Galactus’ event ended with a twist, leaving the fans wanting more. Soon after, Epic Games rolled out the fifth season along with the new map, but it received a mixed reaction from the community.

Season 5 Map!

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 2, 2020

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One fan did not like the look of the map at all. Safe to say, many were disappointed not to get the old map back.

Wtf is this where’s the old map fuck this

— Blake Jennings (@BlakeJenninggs) December 2, 2020

This man has reached his apoplexy.

No fucking way man still same FUCKINg map like goddamn man

— isaac (@StableIsaac_) December 2, 2020

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right bc it’s not like we played on the same map during chapter 1 for 10 seasons..

— PandaBear29 (@PandaBear291) December 2, 2020

Nothing to see here.

Because the map is mostly the same as it was on chapter 2 release, it’s been a year now with this same map. Chapter 1 had a new biome every 2-3 seasons and a few new pois

— ᗫ𝛍ɳ𝐠ᥱ𝑜ɳ (@Dungeon_STW) December 2, 2020

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cus this map is sh¡t

— ً (@Xanzi3ty) December 2, 2020

Five more seasons would feel like an eternity.

Guys just wait 5 seasons for new map

— Purple (@XdPurple_) December 2, 2020

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Some fans had a positive reaction to the new map

Disappointment is understandable since players were expecting a lot more from the game owing to the massive hype behind the Galactus event. Fans expected the map to change completely, however, dedicated fans of the game will continue their journey in the game. Many of them stepped up to defend their favorite battle royale.

You cannot be serious. The old map was hot garbage. Everyone was complaining about it and asking for a new one.

— Abeat (@AbeatV) December 2, 2020

The love for Fortnite is strong with this one.


— Typical Gamer (@TypicalGamer) December 2, 2020

Unsurprisingly, popular content creator SypherPK was enthralled with the event. No prizes for guessing if he’ll continue creating Fortnite content, old map or not.

These events keep getting better, will be hard to top this one 😳

— SypherPK (@SypherPK) December 1, 2020

Next up will be the festive season. It is being speculated that Epic Games might cook up something big for Christmas.

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What do you think about the latest season of the game? Did it live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments.