Fortnite has finally revealed the date for cars to be released. With the 13.40 update, a lot of new things are going to happen. With respect to the map, we have seen that Carl has been renamed already. It is not Atlantis, but the design looks pretty amazing. Several new skins have also been updated in the item shop.

Getting straight down to the theme Fortnite has been following through Season 3, the water level needed to subside for cars to be drivable. The Fortnite joy ride update will go live on 5th August. They are hyping up the anticipation of this new update quite extensively.

A video was tweeted out by Hypex, showing a Fortnite logo with car strips design. Accompanied by the shrilling sound of tires revving, it indicated the introduction of vehicles in the game. Up until now, we only had just one clip to see what actual car gameplay is going to look like.

Fortnite 13.40 update is going to feature Cars

Since everything is related to water this season, the new POI Coral Castle looks pretty well built. From the inside, it looks like an underwater palace. However, it does not exactly resemble Atlantis. Hypex also showed us the glowing fishes in the castle. The water level subsiding has opened up the map again.

Perhaps with Vehicles in the mix, the game will feel it bit more dynamic than before. For instance, the entirety of Season 3 had no major dynamic update until now. Some members of the community had some opinions to discuss the hype behind the update.

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Epic Games setting us up for Season 4

27th August is the officially penned date for Season 4 of Chapter 2. So the next three weeks will have most of the things setting us up for the transition to the next season. With all the advertising Fortnite is doing about cars, points to the fact that it will be a major part of Season 4. A new game mode will be there, but we are mostly excited to see how the dynamics will be affected in a proper match. Also, what will this mean for the competitive side.

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