Some players are discovering themselves regrettable sufficient to boot up Impressive Games’ Fortnite and be confronted with an in-game message specifying that items and/or V-Bucks have been removed from their account. What is the Fortnite “The following items have been removed from your account” error referring to? And why is it taking your Fortnite currency and cosmetics away? Stick to this guide as we describe whatever you need to understand about the Fortnite items removed error message.

Fortnite ‘The Following Items Have Been Removed From Your Account’ | Cosmetics lost

Cosmetic items can be removed from your Fortnite account whether you’re playing the battle royale game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, or Android.

There are a couple of situations that can trigger this to occur, that include:

Fortnite ‘The following items have been removed from your account error triggers

Redeeming stolen goods. Having a gift reversed. Error on Epic Games’ part.

If you got or acquired fake Fortnite codes and after that redeemed them, those items will become removed from your account and you are not entitled to get them back. If an item was talented to you by another player in Fortnite and is then reversed — as seen in the featured image — this will also see it removed from your account. In this situation, you’d need to contact the person that sent out the gift with any queries.

Lastly, it’s possible that you do not fall under either of these classifications. Because of the event, you need to call Fortnite support and describe the issue.

Fortnite‘The Following Items Have Been Removed From Your Account | V-Bucks lost

If you lost V-Bucks rather than cosmetic items when coming across the message, you remain in the exact same boat. If the V-Bucks were acquired through invalid methods you can kiss them farewell for great, however, if you think they were authentic, contact Fortnite support with your case.