Based on leaks and past events, it appears as though Risky Reels will have a central role in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 event.

With the Fortnite Chapter 2 week 7 challenges only a day away, most players assumed we were on the back half of the first season. New information has the season extended into 2020, however, so we might have a lot more time than we thought.

Still, it appears as though the content for Season 1 is winding down as the Season 2 hype sparks start to ignite. We don’t know much about the plot as of now, but we have some clues as to where the next event will take place.

Risky Reels as a hub for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 event makes sense for several reasons. It’s a central location on the map, it’s carried over from the old Fortnite world, and we already saw some strange activity taking place.

For those who don’t remember, Epic hosted a “dancing llama” stream in Risky Reels last week. The stream only lasted a few hours and appeared to be a test for something larger.

What will be the video that eventually displays at Risky Reels? We still don’t know.

also some file called StreamingSyncTestStreamedRestricted_PiP was added, which is formatted like what would NORMALLY have a url to the stream but in fact does not.

— Lucas7yoshi – FN Leaks/News (@Lucas7yoshi) November 20, 2019

According to what @Lucas7Yoshi has found about the Risky Reels video, we may be able to assume that the transmission could have something to do with New Year’s Eve. We saw a similar small-scale in-game event happen last year when the ball dropped for each time zone.

Is this all we can expect, though? I think there might be something more. You can see from the leaked loading screen (shown in the featured image) that the ominous Choas Agent seems to be overseeing the characters on the island.

Fans have speculated that he could be running EGO from behind the scenes.

We can only wait and see what will happen. If the season is truly extended for two more months, fans will have a lot of time to speculate. You haven’t seen the last of the “theory” posts.

What’s your theory for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 end event? Let us know in the comments.