A Fortnite fan has generated a heatmap that indicates where the game’s deadliest locations are based on a number of player eliminations.

A Fortnite player took the time to put together a map indicating the game’s most dangerous areas. The title famous for helping to usher in an era in which the battle royale is one of the most popular genres in online multiplayer is notorious for its mayhem and whacky nature. It’s even been recently speculated to be adding car-mounted guns to further the chaos. As players navigate the game’s world, they must always keep eyes in the back of their head to minimize the chances of falling victim to the relatively unpredictable environment and opposing gamers.

Despite lurking danger across the game’s various locations, players have an incentive to locate XP coins in Fortnite to expedite their progress. Whether exploring the map or actively hunting other gamers, fans of Epic Games’ popular shooter have a lot of challenges to undertake. These challenges include destroying produce boxes and other quirky, destructive acts fans can carry out while either avoiding danger or deliberately making a final stand in the game’s most dangerous locations.

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As the community rushes to complete Fortnite’s latest challenges, Twitter user and Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi created a map marking the game’s deadliest locations. The user provided an image showcasing a heatmap indicating perilous areas. The precarious spots were highlighted by the leaker based on approximately 50,000 player deaths, with blue areas being relatively void of activity, green hinting at deadlier regions, and red indicating a hot zone full of combat engagements.

While the heatmap is not an official release by Epic Games, it does indicate the lengths to which fans will go to assist each other. Dedication to the community makes some fans stand out, and Lucast7Yoshi’s commitment to all things Fortnite and its fans has not gone unnoticed by those for whom the heatmap is intended. Snapshots suggesting where the heaviest skirmishes occur allow players to develop different strategies based on their play style before venturing into a dangerous zone.

Whether a player loves to go in guns blazing or approach a battle from a more tactical standpoint, the heatmap provides opportunity to adjust accordingly. Fans know where the action is and can, therefore, rush to be included in the bloodshed or avoid the warzones entirely. If nothing else, players can use the snapshot to perch up somewhere and watch the chaos unfold at the problem areas from a distance.

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Fortnite is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Lucas7yoshi

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