Ninja’s Fortnite skin has opened the door to more streamers receiving their own skins. Some fans have taken creation into upon themselves

Epic seemed reluctant to add Fortnite skins for some of the streamers and YouTubers in the community. Fortnite was on top of the world during season 3 and 4, and likely saw no reason to give creators their own skins while they were raking in the cash.

As is the case with other battle royale games, PUBG and H1Z1, a slight dip in popularity meant that it was time to explore some new money-making options. This includes putting skins in Fortnite to immortalize some top-name creators.

Understandably, the first creator to get his own skin was Ninja. He remains one of the most recognizable names in Fortnite and was an early adopter to the game. We know that Loserfruit and TheGrefg will be getting skins – or, at least, cosmetics – next, but who will be after that? Some fans think that Tfue is due for a skin


After Ninja got a skin in the game, I couldn’t help but think.. who could be next? So here’s my take on another skin in the Icon Series line. Introducing TFUE! 🥳

Hope you guys like it! I’ve also got many more Icon Series skin ideas in the works..🤫

— D3NNI ✨ (@D3NNI_yt) January 18, 2020

The only thing that would make this concept better was if the shirt said “Default” instead of “Tfue.” Tfue has been clear that he was the first creator to get a skin in Fortnite. He was, of course, referring to Default King Jonesy.

Tfue wasn’t the only streamer to get a skin concept from the community. Graphic artist @TheFinalHoss took it upon himself to create skins for the likes of DrLupo, SypherPK, and many more.

The Final Hoss has a more lifelike version of DrLupo and TimTheTatMan in his Twitter header, so check him out if you’re interested in that.

One of the most hilarious concepts has to be this SypherPK skin. This one comes with a familiar face on Sypher’s back: a miniature Nickmercs getting carried.

Okay I might have leaked this early but I’m just too excited. Who tryna cop this bundle 🤯

Credit: @TheFinalHoss

— SypherPK (@SypherPK) January 15, 2020

Speaking of Nickmercs, The Final Hoss has a skin concept for him as well. No, it’s not just a forehead with legs. The concept is probably as close as you can get to a Fortnite version of the streamer.

As The Final Hoss admits, this is still a work in progress. We can’t see the lower half of the skin, so there’s still hope that Hoss got Nick’s infamous third leg.

The sky’s the limit now that Epic has finally released Fortnite creator cosmetics. We could see several of these streamers get their own skins in Fortnite.

Who would you like to see as a skin in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.