Here’s the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy Leaderboards as of November 24th.

Epic Games announced the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy tournament/contest on Thursday, 21st November. The tournament then went live the day after on Friday, 22nd November at 8am ET.

The Fortnite Fishing Frenzy tournament will be ending today, November 24th at 8pm ET which means players don’t have much longer in order to catch as many fish as they can before the tournament ends.


The rewards for catching the most fish in a single match along with the most Small Fry, Flopper, and Slurpfish caught in a match is an engraved Llama trophy. Players lucky enough to catch a Mythic Goldfish will receive the Bottom Feeder Pickaxe, whilst everyone that picks up a fishing rod and fishes will receive the Play to Win spray. Remember, you’ll need to enable Fortnite 2FA in order to be eligible for the rewards.

Fortnite Bottom Feeder PickaxeFortnite Bottom Feeder PickaxeFortnite Bottom Feeder Pickaxe

The Fortnite Fishing Frenzy leaderboards update once a day at 5pm UTC. The current leaderboards are for Friday and Saturday, but they’ll update tomorrow at 5pm UTC to show the final leaderboard to declare the winners.

Fortnite Fishing Frenzy Leaderboards

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Here’s the leaderboard for every server region so far. We’ll update them tomorrow when Epic update them.

North America Leaderboards

Most Small Fry CaughtPlayer NameSmall Fry Caughtclimetree017660Montuuu_7160CatheadJackson5641BarrelCone349754287Use Code Luwucas3850TTV ParzivalJax3705T e k n i q u e3644TWKNick3390TTV R1xbox3332XXiPunk2654

Most Flopper Caught

Player NameFlopper CaughtWeirdBud5454NorCal Redvines3959EhhShmima1233283Trebur3111Misssweets82872ItIsNachoDay2709NFxChozen12703demonsuffer6662573Fragnn2524TwistedIndy2457

Most Slurpfish Caught

Player NameSlurpfish CaughtTrebur2137NorCal Redvines1840ItIsNachoDay1825EhhShmima1231481WeirdBud1425Misssweets81299demonsuffer6661250NFxChozen11187Ephsilon911114Fragnn1075

Most Fish Caught in a Single Match

Player NameFish Caught in Single MatchΤusick114HotКoko113GloriousSilve102VinierFive06100laughingmilk898SharkFionn98lennonbomb95Jmanswag28094JakeStar6994A Boring Nerd94

Mythic Goldfish Caught

Player NameMythic Goldfish CaughtMcliam11tytyrocksbro72941JoeysBAWLS1Foroushani bros1BarrelSheet_13041BlackgoldBuckey1alejandro.tuto1karlee_sheen1chamaco_cacheton1

Europe Leaderboards

Most Small Fry Caught

Player NameSmall Fry CaughtLOST_Rynash7956Manu_tr8n4472Loacu4322Zuulu.3944RNG COQTO3919Kipland013542Shay Lani2999NICKY_-P2917mathmath20032756Hyper1ons2639

Most Flopper Caught

Player NameFlopper CaughtRD79264282Payetasoeur4241AJ Seekz TTV3991joestevenchapman3086I Venari I2635Litolay2333troubidoux282250Goek1302244YT AndrewTrofim2158Michto93azr2041

Most Slurpfish Caught

Player NameSlurpfish CaughtRD79262270Litolay1424I Venari I1382troubidoux281237Michto93azr1135Hyper1ons1117iam-chiara1112x-Selios-x1092Goek1301061Payetasoeur1059

Most Fish Caught in a Single Match

Player NameFish Caught in Single MatchPatchTheAlpha112DeathKroN0S110Knax_wolf11110MONKEY SYou106Skylø103zCallMeFlxme YT103DonutAufgebracht100Lazy Cow99Beeeena98JeHebtMeGemist98

Mythic Goldfish Caught

Player NameMythic Goldfish Caughttambzy1WinklerHD_yt1Dr.Flаme1тзми F3NIXLZ1kekette1234512341dark_man18791jojelukaszpl_yt1Definitely_Ghost1erox_ilyas1ℓєչσ1Ce_Luna1jagamer81ZORRODELDESIERTO1Real 2B1


You can view the leaderboards by clicking the server regions below: