Fortnite’s Galactus skin has leaked ahead of the Season 4 Nexus War event that takes place in a couple of days, but he may not be around for long.

The end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season4 is only days away, and the skin for the season’s main villain, Galactus, has leaked ahead of the end-of-season Nexus War event. Fortnite Season 4 has seen the arrival of an unprecedented number of Marvel characters who are joining the fight against Galactus to save all of reality, but this leak might have revealed that players will be able to actually play as Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Fortnite Season 4 is the first in-game season to be completely themed after another franchise, setting the entire thing within a now-canonical Marvel Comics crossover event. Thor’s arrival was teased at the end of Season 3, and the god of thunder landed on The Island at the beginning of Season 4. Knowing of the impending doom that awaited the cartoony world of Fortnite, Thor summoned an army of Marvel’s mightiest heroes, including Iron Man, Wolverine, and She-Hulk. While Galactus was also teased at the end of Season 3, he was not included as a skin in the Battle Pass. Nevertheless, the Marvel heroes in Fortnite have spent the past few months preparing for the battle against Galactus.

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With only two days before the battle for reality begins, ximton on Twitter has leaked what seems to be a Galactus skin. Ximton stated that while this is definitely Galactu’s character model, it may only be for the event. This means that players may have the opportunity to play as Galactus during the event or that Galactus will appear using that model. However, it hasn’t been determined whether players will be able to purchase or obtain this skin to equip during regular play sessions.

This wouldn’t be the first time Fortnite allowed players to use skins of end-of-season characters. Mecha Team Leader, who fought in the battle against the giant Cattus in Chapter 1 Season 9, has been made available in the item shop multiple times. Travis Scott’s giant avatar that appeared during his live event is the same model used for the skin which players can purchase. And there are plenty of skins that are irregular in size that are usable by players who want a larger hitbox or like to struggle while aiming down sights.

It would be a big missed opportunity for Fortnite not to allow players to play as Galactus. Plenty of Fortnite and Marvel fans have expressed interest in a Galactus skin even if it were in the item shop. However, if Fortnite decided to run a limited-time mode as it did with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, that wouldn’t be too bad either.

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Source: ximton

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