Many Fortnite players have realized for the first time that they can glide through a specific type of window found in many of the game’s buildings. The matter was recently detailed on the Fortnite subreddit as a helpful tip for players who are plotting out their drops. Rather than landing on a roof or in an open field, players can pop directly into a building to grab a weapon.

Not all windows in Fortnite are equal. Some, such as the ones found on sheds, are small; others, mostly the kind found on houses, have panes and/or bars that block them. One type of window, however, is rectangular and wide open; you can most commonly find it on barns and barn-like structures. As the video below shows, it is possible to glide through these windows.

Tip: You can glide through these types of windows from r/FortNiteBR

This ability has been around for a while, according to some Fortnite players, and it may not be limited to the large open windows. Some players say it is possible to glide through other window types, but it can be difficult to pull off correctly. Hitting the window at the wrong angle will just make the player bounce off the wall and land on the ground outside.

There’s a distinct advantage to landing within a building rather than on the roof — you can immediately run to grab a weapon rather than having to first break through the roof. Though you’ll only get a few seconds of a head start compared to players on the roof, it may be enough to eliminate the opponent.

This could backfire in some cases, however, such as in buildings where the chest is on the uppermost level. The windows are usually one level below this, meaning the player would have to run to the upper level where the opponent may have already broken in through the ceiling.