The return of Fortnitemares is not far off, as new content for Fortnite leaks that teases some of the Halloween NPCs coming to the game.

Fortnite players have been busy working on the Marvel-themed battle pass and dodging Epic Games’ drama with Apple for some time, but they are about to become even busier very soon. According to leaks, Fortnitemares is returning to Fortnite, and it is bringing some new NPCs along with it.

According to a post from reputable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, players can expect to fight a version of Midas while wearing their new Wolverine outfits. Midas was all the rage a few seasons back when he was added to the game, with the gold-obsessed character being seen everywhere for a time. This new, NPC version will supposedly have a gold scar, though this could easily be a placeholder that is replaced with a ghastlier mark that fits the Halloween spirit. The version players fight will also have 100 HP and 350 shields.

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With Fortnitemares guaranteed to occur during the Marvel season of content, it will be interesting to see if any of the superheroes join in on the fun and dress up for the occasion. While the supervillain Venom should be arriving soon based on leaks, another NPC is confirmed for the event that goes by the name Ghostly Ghost Henchman. While the name is certainly silly, players should feat the enemy due to its ability to wield multiple weapons. The henchman will fire off an AR, pump shotgun, SMG, or pumpkin launcher based on the leaks from HYPEX.

With two new NPCs coming to Fortnitemares, it will be interesting to see what challenges there are to complete in the event. It also would not be too surprising if Fortnite fans found a way to make Midas and the Ghostly Ghost Henchman collide, as players recently made Iron Man fight with Wolverine. Regardless of whether these new NPCs clash or not, Fortnite fans should be excited to know that a new seasonal event is coming to Fortnite and bringing new content with it.

Unfinished NPCs most likely for Fortnitemares, thanks to @intercelluar for bringing this to my attention!

Midas (Maybe another version of him):
– Has a Gold Scar, probably a placeholder
– Has 100 HP & 350 Shields

Ghostly Ghost Henchman
– Has an AR, Pump, SMG or Pumpkin Launcher

— HYPEX 🎃 (@HYPEX) October 2, 2020

Fortnite will not be the only game celebrating the Halloween season, as a few other games will be holding Halloween events of their own. Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest will be returning next week, for instance, possibly bringing new content to go with the goulish Rakk-o-Lanterns from last year’s version. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, on the other hand, offers a complex new pumpkin system that allows players to craft new furniture once their seeds grow. Even Call of Duty: Warzone will be getting a horror-themed update later in October. It seems like gamers from every genre will have something to do this Halloween, with spooky new content arriving for multiple different games across the industry.

For players more interested in the current version of Fortnite, however, knowing all the week 6 XP coin locations should prove useful. They will not be around for long, though, as this newest leak confirms that Fortnite is about to get a lot scarier soon.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions in development.

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