Luminosity’s illustrious gaming house consisting of Kiwiz, Formula, Nicks, and Randumb just dissolved – and the boys have some big plans

One of Luminosity’s longest standing pillars in Fortnite was their content house. The team, consisting of Kiwiz, Formula, Nicks, and Randumb, has a combined subscriber count of over 13 million. Considering the social prowess of these creators on all platforms, you’re easily looking at 20 million+ followers in totality

Today, the strongest pillar falls as Luminosity drops a bombshell departure announcement

Statement regarding Kiwiz and the Fortnite House

— Luminosity Gaming (@Luminosity) June 29, 2020

While organizations are prone to enter and leave games at will, you don’t always see drama revolving around the parting terms between creator and team. The house’s most popular member, Kiwiz, was quick to vent frustrations with Luminosity’s choice of recourse

Left @Luminosity

Really mad they ruined our announcement to leave. We have something insane planned.

Been working on this for a long time.

— Kiwiz (@Kiwiz) June 29, 2020

From the looks of things, the collective group was planning on leaving Luminosity for months at this point and were preparing to seamlessly transition from the team to their own independent creation. But after today’s unexpected announcement, the boys will move forward with their plans sooner than expected

New House

As promised, the entire team made separate videos going out to their respective channels explaining the entire situation. Here’s Kiwiz’ video:

In it, Kiwiz remarks that he and his friends “kinda outgrew the team” and what they could offer. As creators grow, the balance between what the organization offers to the player and what the player offers to the organization dramatically shifts

It makes sense, not 2 years ago did Tyler “Ninja” Blevins also part way with Luminosity after he gained mainstream stardom for his early Fortnite talent. As some point, every creator will feel he or she cannot make a fair deal with the org

Kiwiz goes on to explain that the contract simply expired and the boys mutually agreed not to resign. Instead, they will be going their own way to create an entirely new organization. With one of the most followed content conglomerates in the entire community, they’re going to have a head start when compared to any other up-and-coming Fortnite teams

The new team’s Twitter, named @7052020, indicates that their new org will be announced on July 5th – just 1 week away. The newly minted YouTube channel already has 100,000 subs as of writing

100,000 in one hour

Can’t believe it

— Kiwiz (@Kiwiz) June 30, 2020

Just another display of the moving power these lads have. Regardless of what the future has to offer, I’m sure that Kiwiz & Co. will have success in their endeavours

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