The last water level drop has finally occurred with the 13.40 update. A lot of the locations that were previously underwater are now accessible. The biggest reveal of all is the ‘Coral Castle’ in Fortnite. It was supposed to be called ‘Atlantis’ as the leaks suggested. But it looks like the devs had other plans. But that is not the only new thing we have come across after the update.

As you may have already seen, there is a spaceship now lying around on the map. It is on a small island next to Craggy Cliffs. The spaceship is a curious POI considering you can interact with it and make it ‘work’.

How to make the spaceship work in Fortnite

As you reach the island. You will see that the spaceship has 3 parts missing. You will find the parts lying around the spaceship not more than a couple of hundred meters away. One of the boosters will be nearby in the water. Once you have all 3 parts, you can use them to fix the spaceship and voila! It will start floating. There is some character inside the ship but he/she doesn’t do anything (yet).

A few moments later, the spaceship goes into a hyper-drive mode and launches into the sky. Once it disappears, it leaves behind 4 rifts on the place where it crashed. We know of these rifts since they were introduced back in Season 5.

These rifts are not exactly significant. Once you go into one, you will drop around the spaceship itself and well that’s pretty much it.

But this could be a set up to something bigger. The next season has been rumored to be ‘space-themed’ and well, this is the perfect setup for it. Take a look at the video to see how it works.

In other news, Slurpy Swamps and Sweaty Sands are now completely accessible and the roads are no longer underwater. This means that cars could be introduced very soon in the game. The feature was delayed officially due to legal issues.

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So we finally have everything we were expecting in the game. Coral Castle (Atlantis), a spaceship, a few rifts, and accessible roads are here. The finale for this season will soon be upon us and it could reveal a ton of new information including the mystery of Agent Jonsey. Stay tuned for more info regarding the same.

Sources: FNBR Twitter