Fortnite has certainly had its fair share of different skins over the years, so there was little doubt that there would be one available as part of the Winterfest event. We already told you about one free skin as part of the event known as Lt. Evergreen, but now players have access to yet another just before the event ends and this guide will tell you how you can grab it before it goes away.

How To Get Rare Winterfest Wooly Warrior Skin

Winterfest started back on December 18 and has been providing players with daily gifts to open, including the aforementioned Lt. Evergreen. With the event nearing a conclusion in a few days, players are going to want to make sure not to miss the final free reward for the event that you can get without doing any work at all.

To get the Wooly Warrior skin, you are going to need to head to the Lodge, which can be found by navigating to the snowflake symbol tab on the main menu and selecting to visit the Lodge. Once you are there, you have some options in front of you, with the inevitable goal being that tall green present in the back left.

However, you can’t just go and open that present up right away. Instead, Epic Games requires you to open all the rest of the gifts in the room first. So go through this process, which shouldn’t take you too overly long.

Once you have all the rest of the gifts open, move onto the final tall green present and open it to receive the Rare Wooly Warrior skin that you can equip immediately and start using. This female wooly mammoth skin fits the winter theme for sure, so make sure to equip it if you want to use it.