Did you know Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, has a secret green style in Fortnite Season 4? Some say it’s a glitch, while other say it’s an intentional secret that players have only just now discovered. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, you can turn Jennifer Walters’ skin green and use a skin that looks like a midway point between her standard appearance and her She-Hulk transformation. It even works in-game, so you can be green while you’re fighting and building on the battle royale island. Here’s how to get the green secret style for Jennifer Walters in Fortnite.

How to Get Secret Green Jennifer Walters Style

To get the secret green Jennifer Walters style in Fortnite, you must equip one of four blings while wearing the Jennifer Walters outfit. These back blings are listed below.

Cable Cloak (Hood Up)
Wolverine’s Trophy (Activated)
Arroyo Pack (Brown Camo)
Ball Bling (Alter Ego)


Once you equip any of these back blings with the correct style, Jennifer Walters’ skin will turn green. There’s a good chance that this is a glitch because the style isn’t named or anything, so don’t be surprised if Epic Games patches it out in the coming weeks. Most of the back blings listed above need to be bought from the item shop and can no longer be acquired until they roll through the item shop again, but you can still get Wolverine’s Trophy fairly easily this season as long as you have the Battle Pass.

Once you load into a match, the green skin color will disappear. You can get it back pretty easily, however. All you have to do is use any random emote and Jennifer Walters’ skin will turn green again. Remember, you need to have the Jennifer Walters skin equipped with the correct back bling in order for this to work. To get Jennifer Walters, you must reach level 22 of the Season 4 Battle Pass. The She-Hulk Awakening Challenges are unlocked at Battle Pass level 29, although you can get this green style without having She-Hulk unlocked.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is currently underway. Several Marvel heroes have been added to the game, and even more Marvel landmarks have started showing up on the island.

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