To acquire the Victor Von Doom throne emote in Fortnite, you’ll need to go through a few challenges.

Every week there’s something new to look forward to unlocking in Fortnite, and for Marvel fans this season has been especially exciting. From new superheroes joining the game, to skins and cosmetics, and even new superhero abilities to fight with, there’s no shortage of objectives and rewards to chase. One that shouldn’t be missed out on is the unique Victory Von Doom emote. This menacing pose requires you to do a few specific actions before you can show it off to your fallen foes, however. Here’s how you can unlock it for yourself.

How To Unlock The Victory Von Doom Emote In Fortnite

This emote, like many other hero specific cosmetics and emotes, requires you to complete all three of that character’s specific awakening challenges. That of course means you will first need to have unlocked the Doctor Doom skin by reaching level 67 on the Season 4 Battle Pass. Most of these challenges just require you to visit a specific location on the map, but the final one will be more of a test of skill. Thankfully we have a tip to make even that one just a little bit easier for you.

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Awakening Challenge 1

Your first challenge is an easy one. All you need to do is equip the Doctor Doom skin and join a battle royale game as normal. Jump out of the bus and land in the new Doom’s Domain point of interest on the map, which you should be familiar with by now if you’ve unlocked Doom’s skin. Find the massive statue of Doctor Doom, walk up the steps, and this first challenge is complete.

Awakening Challenge 2

The second challenge is where things get a little more difficult. The challenge simply states that you need to visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom, which may leave you scratching your head as to what, and where, that is.

First, as always, remember to be wearing the Doctor Doom skin when you load up into the game and jump out of the battle bus. This time you’re aiming to land on the hills to the Southeast of Retail row. Climb the hill here where you will find a massive throne in the rocks and trees. It faces North, and is hard to miss once you get in sight of it. Land here and climb up onto this “throne” to complete the second awakening challenge.

Just be careful, as Retail Row is generally a pretty spicy drop zone.

Awakening Challenge 3

Your final challenge is completely straight-forward in concept, but far from easy to pull off. To do this last task you need to get a victory royale while playing as Doctor Doom and emote during the ending screen. While you can do this in a traditional game, it is much easier, and faster, to do this in a game of Team Rumble.

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