Fortnite Season 4 powers players up with classic Marvel superhero abilities, like Wolverine’s feral agility and Black Panther’s Kinetic Armor.

A major component of Fortnite Season 4 has undeniably been the arrival and inclusion of Marvel’s collection of superheroes. From Wolverine and Storm, to Avengers like Black Panther, players have been able to encounter Marvel entities throughout the map this season, and even learn some of their powerful abilities.

Fans of Black Panther will be delighted to know that the Wakandan royal not only makes an appearance in Fortnite, but also gives players the chance to use his signature Kinetic Armor. Although players don’t necessarily earn the Kinetic Armor ability from Black Panther himself, the superpower has made its way into the game in the form of a Mythic weapon.

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Mythic “weapons” all basically consist of different Marvel hero superpowers, and appear as glowing, round, tokens. They also emit a beam of light that can be seen from a distance, and will be marked on the map during Marvel Limited Time Modes (LTMs), making them rather easy to locate. Some Mythics offer unmatched mobility, like Silver Surfer’s Board, while others, like Groot’s Bramble Shield, heal and protect the player.

Black Panther’s Kinetic Armor unleashes a shockwave that pushes opposing players away, and allows the user to pounce in for a follow-up attack. Given recent events, fans have been delighted to honor the late Chadwick Boseman with visits to the in-game Black Panther statue. Now, they can also bring Black Panther’s iconic Kinetic Armor into battle with them, simply by finding and picking up a copy of the ability on the map. It can then be equipped and triggered, just like any weapon in the game.

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Naturally, the tricky part is finding Kinetic Armor before other players get to it. If playing in standard modes, Marvel superpowers will be carried by the drones patrolling Stark Quinjet sites. Unfortunately, there are several Mythic weapons available, and drones aren’t guaranteed to drop a Mythic at all, so players may have to find and destroy a few drones before succeeding. Those looking to simply test out the ability and explore their options may want to head into one of the Marvel LTMs, though.

In modes like Marvel Standoff, players start the match with random Mythic weapons equipped. Moreover, the powerful weapons land constantly on the map as if they were meteorites, and appear on players’ radars. Players can even verify which particular Mythic weapon is where on the map, because they are each marked by a unique symbol. Players won’t be able to use these shortcuts when challenging foes like Wolverine or Iron Man, but either way, the training is useful. Once Black Panther’s Kinetic Armor is equipped, players on the prowl can activate the shockwave by either firing it like a weapon (in standard modes), or by using their left bumper/trigger (in Marvel LTMs).

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