Fortnite battle royale season 3 is perhaps the most anticipated and content-filled season of all time. Epic Games went all-in with their efforts to change the entire game dynamic. With all the inclusions and exclusions, a keen sense of considering community opinion is displayed. The game has taken a shift from being overly competitive to a fun place again. 

Nevertheless, several professional players have expressed their discontent. Especially with regards to the nature of competitiveness. Several items have been added, which make it fun, while practically sabotaging the competitiveness.  

Regardless, Season 3 has also provided us with a ton of new content. The same can be said for the glitches and bugs. Recently, a glitch surfaced where we got a view of the first-person-mode. Perhaps it was for mobile players, but it did pique our interest. So, moving on to the top glitchy, broken moments of Season 3. 

Fortnite Season 3 – the glitch paradise

Since some of you guys asked for it, here’s the Kit emote with so many skins:

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 22, 2020

A statistical analysis shows that there has been a rise in the number of glitches from the previous seasons of Fortnite. Glitches have plagued season 3 in every way – from the drivable car to gliding glitch. One of the glitches that Hypex tweeted about earlier has to do with a dance move. The kit emote when used on different skins, has quite a hilarious effect. 

The glitch that took place with literally going under the map, or even pulled into another dimension is quite prevalent now. We see one of either every season. Perhaps, that is why it isn’t a surprise anymore just to crouch somewhere and drop down somewhere else.

One of the other unique glitches took place during the device event when the vision took us to the office of John Jones. This was one of the first clues about the first-person-mode we spoke of earlier. Epic Games might be using this to plant a seed of something big to come in the upcoming months. The question remains whether it will stay permanently or become a different mode altogether. 

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The Top two bugs which arrested our attention

Check out the video by Top5Gaming, which lays out some of the prevalent glitches. The glitch that everyone abused in Season 2 was farming unlimited metal at a gas station; it is back. This was one of the major glitches, and Epic did fix it soon after. However, with the new map, it seems this glitch is popping up everywhere with a gas station – from Lazy Lake to Catty Corners. 

The whirlpool is one of the new things added in the game, and several players have been experimenting with the choppa. Now, for obvious reasons, gliding from choppas is not allowed. However, players found a way around that by landing the entire choppa in the whirlpool. This is one of the bugs Epic might fix soon.