Halloween is just around the corner, but the celebrations have already begun in Fortnite. Epic Games recently rolled out the Fortnitemares update, and there are a lot of new things for the fans to explore. YouTuber SypherPK loves the new update because it brings back a lot of action and spookiness to the game. He went around exploring the map and fighting shadows in a recent video.

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Can players win a game as shadows in Fortnite?

After the update, the game is not over as soon as a player dies. The eliminated players transform into shadows, or as SypherPK calls them, “zombies.” The developers have deduced a very interesting concept for these shadows. They can attack and eliminate other players while surviving off their loot to maintain a 100 HP.

Interestingly, players can win games as a shadow and it is not a standard “Victory Royale” but a “Nightmare Royale.” However, SyhpherPK feels that these shadows can be a little overwhelming sometimes if they attack in large groups.

To get a standard “Victory Royale,” players need to eliminate all the other players and their shadows. Luckily, eliminating a shadow adds as a standard elimination and players can win games with a high number of kills. SypherPK got a victory royale with 31 eliminations, thanks to the several shadows he eliminated.

Weapon changes and new items in the game since Halloween update

Developers have now introduced broomsticks in the game, that function similar to the Silver Surfer’s board. Players can also cancel them mid-air and perform acrobatic tricks on them. One of the biggest shockers after the Halloween update was the vaulting of Charge Shotguns.

Charge Shotguns were powerful and a lot of players complained about them, but some players were finally getting used to the weapon. Fans still have contrasting opinions on Epic’s decision to remove the gun from the game.

Apart from the weapon changes, there are some new rifts in the map. These rifts enhance mobility options for the players, and SypherPK loves them too.

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To sum up, fans couldn’t have expected a better update for Halloween. Fan-favorite character Midas is also back in the game to take his revenge, and it will be interesting to see how that story moves forward. The Marvel-themed Fortnite season ends on November 30, and the return of Midas might be the perfect ending to it.