Fortnite battle royale season 3 established a lot of things that were unforeseen. With the plot of the Fortnite universe in perspective, some major changes took place. We knew that Midas would be going up against shadows and ghosts. What we did not know is how his plan is going to crash and fall. 

Midas’s plan backfired big time, creating a shockwave that would eventually ruin the whole map. This was the unforeseen part of the Device event. The plan did not exactly fail, but the map seems to be drowning. We wonder where the plot would progress from here on, especially without Midas being at the helm. 

Jules, the engineer, has taken over Midas’ position, and it looks like she would be at the epicenter of plot progression. With all that has been going on, we wonder if the secrets of the oceans will rise up and consume the island. Especially with the Aquaman theme soon to hit the game, one wonders, what secrets will that unveil.

Fortnite plot progression with Jules and Aquaman

The Aquaman skin will be available, and with the sharks already in the game, the community started theorizing. Remember the movie? There was a certain creature called the Kraken who only responded to King Atlan’s trident. That weapon will be available with the Aquaman skin.

However, if we try to piece out what is the role of Jules in all this, then it gets complicated. We already have an idea of the kind of history shared between Midas and Jules. Epic has been quite tight-lipped about her character, and this makes us make wild guesses about her identity and motive. The most prevalent theory is that Midas and Jules are siblings, thanks to all the tattoos and the matching hair.

What does the future hold under Jules’ leadership?

Jules came only after Midas’s plan went awry. This clearly indicates that she knows that she can execute a similar plan more efficiently. However, a lot of variables are running wild here. Especially if its sibling-rivalry, then Jules might be twice as cunning as Midas was.

 Jules is in control of all the A.L.T.E.R bases, including all the members from both sides. That makes her the most authoritative person on the entire map. Perhaps she will earn her name as the engineer by bringing the map out of the water. Perhaps she will set off a chain of events that drowns everything. For all we know, Jules is going to be the game-changer that pushes the future of Fortnite.