The previously-leaked Fortnite Travis Scott skin has reportedly been revealed.

The Fortnite Icon Series is expanding its roster with the reported addition of rapper Travis Scott. He will join the ranks of Marshmello, Ninja, and other celebrities who have their own Fortnite skins.

We first saw leaks surrounding a Travis Scott skin back in the v12.10 patch. It was listed in the game files and later removed, casting doubt on whether or not the skin would enter the game.

With the v12.20 update, however, Travis Scott appears to be back in the game files. Data miner Hypex reportedly received the following image from a source, although it appears to be only a rumor, at the time of writing.

The skin – possibly because of the low-quality image – looks a lot like CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We have to assume that the skin will have Scott’s trademark braids when released.

For those who don’t know, Travis Scott was part of the Ninja and Drake squad back in the day. He and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster were the forgotten members of that iconic squad.

Ninja clowned on Scott (perhaps unfairly) for calling Bandages “Band-Aids” during the stream. It would be funny if Epic referenced this terminology in some way.

We still have no official word or announcement from Epic as to when this skin will enter the game. As of now, it’s only a rumor and leak – meaning it’s not confirmed.

The Fortnite Icon series keeps growing and growing. It will be exciting to see which celebrity, streamer, or YouTuber comes to Fortnite next.