Season 10 (or Season X, as developer Epic Games is calling it) of Fortnite: Battle Royale is officially underway, and things have been shaken up considerably for this season. Not only has the map undergone some big changes, the way challenges work has also been completely revamped. Whereas past seasons gave all players access to a selection of weekly challenges, with additional tasks available to those who owned a Battle Pass, this season gates most of its challenges behind the pass, so you have no choice but to shell out 950 V-Bucks for one if you’re hoping to get the most out of the game.

Challenges are also structured much differently than before. In lieu of the standard weekly challenges, Epic is grouping this season’s challenges together under different themes. These otherwise work much the same way as before. Each challenge you complete will score you Battle Stars, which will help level your Season X Battle Pass up and unlock this season’s new skins and other rewards.

One of the Road Trip challenges tasks you with visiting three different locations around the island: a Drift-painted Durr Burger Head, a dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue. If you’re unsure of where to find these, we’ve put together a guide of their locations below.

Where To Visit Durr Burger Head, Dinosaur, And Stone Head Statue

As previously mentioned, this challenge simply involves visiting the three specified locations. You can go to these in any order, so this task should be easy enough to complete once you know where to look.

The Durr Burger Head is located on a hill just east of Pleasant Park. The dinosaur can be found on the opposite end of the island; you’ll spot it to the south of Paradise Palms. Finally, the Stone Head can be found near the frozen lake to the north of Polar Peak. It resembles a Moai statue (with a rocking chair inexplicably on top), so it should be easy enough to spot. Once you visit all three, you’ll complete the challenge and earn 10 Battle Stars for your troubles.

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We’ve marked each monument’s location on the map above to help you find them easily. You can also watch where we go to complete the challenge in the video at the top of this guide. For more Season X coverage, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season X hub, which we’ll continue to update as the season progresses.

Fortnite Season X Challenges

Road Trip

Visit Drift-painted Durr Burger Head, a Dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue (3)Deal damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle (200)Destroy stop signs with the Catalyst outfit (10)