A new glitch lets you avoid the storm and wait out a Victory Royale.A new glitch lets you avoid the storm and wait out a Victory Royale. | Photo by Epic Games

A newly discovered map glitch in Fortnite lets you slip under Risky Reels to avoid the storm and wait out an easy win.

YouTuber RektUniverse detailed the glitch in a video posted earlier this week. If done correctly, you will fall through the map and be immune to all damage until the game ends when the final circle eliminates your last opponent.

To pull the glitch off, you have to land a Choppa in the clearing at Risky Reels. Find the bush in the center, and place a wooden floor. Bring the Choppa just at the edge of that floor. Leave one side open and build walls around the Choppa. Top it with a flat roof with cones on top, and build a floor of cones. Seal it off with two more walls. You’ll be basically building a tiny little hangar that measures 1×2 from the original wooden floor. You also must use wood for this.

Once the Choppa is boxed off, climb inside and rapidly switch seats. You and the Choppa will fall through the bottom of the map.

If for some reason you want to return to the normal map, swim to where a body of water would be and jump. You should end up back up through the map.

As this glitch becomes more known, Epic Games will surely take Choppas out temporarily to fix the issue soon.