A new Fortnite rumor has surfaced online to suggest that Epic Games’ hit battle royale game may be getting a Wolverine skin at some point. Along with that Wolverine skin, there’s also word of a pickaxe variant that’d give players Wolverine’s claws to equip their characters with. While nothing has been confirmed at this point, the current thinking is that this new skin could be one of the ones planned for Season 4, perhaps as a secret skin earned through the battle pass like we’ve seen in the past, though it could also just be sold in the Item Shop instead.

News of this potential Fortnite skin comes from Twitter user HYPEX who’s built up a reputation for sharing accurate Fortnite news about cosmetics, bundles, and other items prior to content releases. The Fortnite news source framed this potential Wolverine cosmetic set as a “POSSIBLE Leak” instead of a more definite one. HYPEX credited the info to a “very trusted source” though, so perhaps we’ll see this rumor play out in the favor of Wolverine fans after all.

POSSIBLE Leak: Epic were planning to make a Wolverine skin & Wolverine Claws pickaxe, he might be the season 4 secret skin or just an itemshop skin! (this is from a very trusted source)

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 15, 2020

It’d be far from the first time we’ve seen a superhero get added to Fortnite seeing how the game already has collabs with Marvel and DC to include some of the two companies’ biggest characters. While character skins are the most common result of the crossovers, we usually get additional cosmetics to go along with them like pickaxes and back blings. The Hulk and Hulkbuster hands currently available to Fortnite players who play through the Marvel’s Avengers demo are good examples of that as are the contents of the new DC crossover bundle that’s adding some unique Joker and Poison Ivy cosmetics.

The closes Fortnite has come to adding anything related to Wolverine so far has been through the addition of the X-Force and Deadpool skins. Those cosmetics are also good examples of how these Wolverine cosmetics could be added if they even come to the game. Deadpool’s cosmetics from that collab were restricted to battle pass challenges and rewards while the X-Force skins and their accessories could be purchased straight from the Item Shop. Both are possible ways the rumored Wolverine cosmetics could make their way into Fortnite.

Fortnite’s fourth season of Chapter 2 still has a few weeks left before it starts assuming there aren’t any extensions that push it further out, so we have a while before we’ll know if the Wolverine skin is actually happening.

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