Fortnite‘s latest patch sees the return of the Moisty Mire (now called Moisty Palms) and Greasy Grove locations on the map, but with new appearances and gameplay twists for Season X.

Moisty Palms is now located where Paradise Palms was, featuring its usual massive swamp alongside the remains of Paradise. Except now when players drop into the swamp, they transform into a random prop like a toilet or table usually seen in the game. Players still take damage but can get the jump on others but transforming back and shooting by pressing the fire button.

Greasy Grove, on the other hand, has had its hallmark Durr Burger transformed into a taco joint. As such, tacos will occasionally rain from the sky, causing everyone in the area to dance. This makes them invulnerable to enemy damage and slowly recuperates health.

Check out the trailer above and more information about Epic Games‘ new patch below.

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Mayhem has come to Fortnite. #FortniteXMayhem

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