Fortnite players have experienced a variety of strange glitches throughout the game’s history, but the bugs seem to have increased in number since the launch of Fortnite Season 2. Now a new glitch, one that is capable of taking out an entire team instantly, has joined the growing list of reported issues.

In a video shared on Reddit, Fortnite player Nozza123 and their team had made it to the halfway point in the match when three of the four squad members unexpectedly disappeared from the game. They were not in combat; nobody had killed them. They simply poofed out of existence.

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In the video, the squad zooms over the water in a Fortnite motorboat. As the vehicle races onto land, one of the players on the boat begins to build a ramp in front of it in an attempt to catch some air. Suddenly, the boat falls through the ground and three of the squad members die instantly, leaving only a pile of purple and orange loot behind. For a few seconds, the surviving team member swims in water underneath the game map before they too are inexplicably insta-killed.

The text accompanying the video says, “Well, at least we now know never to build in front of boats!” It’s not clear if building the ramp in front of the motorboat is indeed what caused the Fortnite glitch, but the timing might not be coincidental. A commenter in the thread stated that they also had recently experienced the same bug, but didn’t verify whether it had occurred after building a structure in front of a motorboat.

This is just one of many issues popping up with some regularity in Fortnite in recent weeks. Perhaps the influx of bugs is connected to Epic switching the game over to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine with patch 11.50 a couple of weeks before the launch of Season 2. In its announcement of the change, the company warned that “along the way there will be some bumps,” but it’s unlikely that Epic expected quite so many issues to pop up. Earlier this week, the company even announced that it was holding off on Fortnite competitions until it had ironed out “performance issues impacting both clients and servers.”

Fortnite was released in 2017 and is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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