The 2019 edition of the Fortnite World Cup offered a $30 million prize pool with winnings guaranteed to all players who managed to qualify.
However, Newbee players Xmende and XMM would never have received their winnings. The Chinese organization would have simply stolen their entire reward. At least that’s what Rhidax, a Fortnite coach who has worked in Europe and Asia, says.

Current @newbeecn Fortnite Situation:

The org has been accused of matchfixing in the CDA (DOTA 2), leading to their essential disbanding.

Newbee trapped their players in contracts and stole all Fortnite prize money since WC, including 2 world cup qualifiers. ($100,000+ stolen)

— Rhidax (@rhidax_) July 21, 2020

Newbee is currently in great difficulty as it has just closed its DotA 2 team after accusations of match-fixing. Since problems never come alone, it’s also now accused of keeping the winnings of two of its former Fortnite players to itself.

Xmende and XMM qualified as a duo for Fortnite’s last World Cup. Although they finished only 49th (out of 50), they still should have received $50,000 each. All participants who qualified were guaranteed at least this amount of money.

Photo 1 and 2 are screenshots with WenQian, who had over 10k stolen from him.

3 is from a trusted source close to the players, name has been blurred out.

— Rhidax (@rhidax_) July 21, 2020

They would have never seen this money, which was kept by Newbee. Since then, they are no longer active or part of the team. It seems that they’re both in conflict with the organization and that their hope of getting their money back is pretty small.

Rhidax revealed some screenshots on social networks, indicating that this kind of practice wouldn’t be an isolated case. Another Newbee player, WenQian would have had more than $10,000 in earnings improperly taken by the Chinese organization.

Newbee hasn’t yet responded to the accusations. In any case, in view of the sums involved, the case should be taken very seriously.

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