Fortnite is donning the Marvel theme for its current season, and the game has released many superhero events. As a result, players have been able to unlock them as playable skins as well as get their hands on mythic weapons related to them.

Various superheroes have joined the ranks to take part in the ‘Nexus War’ against Galactus. Epic keeps updating the Marvel roster by adding a new hero almost every other week. A few days ago, they released weekly challenges that players could complete to earn the Wolverine glider.


Players have already experienced the gameplay of Wolverine and his mythical weapon in the Marvel LTM. However, it was time that Epic released Wolverine as a character skin. Players can unlock the Wolverine skin by defeating the ferocious member of the X-Men.

Additionally, players can also unlock his Snikt! emote that unleashes his classic Adamantium Claws. These claws can be used as a substitute for the classic pickaxe, to slice trees and other materials. Players can switch between the pickaxe and his claws as per their preference.

Furthermore, Epic had previously released tons of rewards to go with the Wolverine skin. These included Wolverine’s Trophy Back Bling and Ferocious Wrap and can be unlocked by completing his other challenges.

Finally, longtime Wolverine fans can unlock his Classic style by completing 10 regular Challenges from Week 5 and 6 (available all rest of the season). Hence, they can wear yellow and blue or don the gold and brown outfit, depending on the Wolverine they love.

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Microsoft has a Gift for Fortnite Fans

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced that they have a gift for Wolverine and Fortnite fans. The blog says, “To celebrate the arrival of Wolverine, Microsoft Movies & TV, and Fortnite are announcing a limited time offer for fans. Xbox fans who play Fortnite and purchase one or more movies from a collection of discounted titles featuring Wolverine from October 1 to 14 will receive a $5 digital gift card to use in the Microsoft Store.”

Microsoft will offer a sale on both solo films and films from the X-Men series starting October 1. Fans can purchase any of these to unlock the limited time offer.