Ninja’s first stream on YouTube was the talk of the town. Everyone was talking about how different it will be if he switches to Youtube. But, SypherPK probably didn’t enjoy his stream all too much because of the sly digs aimed at him by Ninja and his squad.

Popular Fortnite news and leaks provider HYPEX spotted that Ninja had a test stream scheduled on YouTube. Word got out which got everyone thinking that maybe Ninja has partnered with YouTube gaming. His wife made things even more interesting when she tweeted:

You’ve all been patient….this week will be fun.

— Jessica Blevins (@JessicaBlevins) July 7, 2020

The stream was definitely a huge success and has since racked up over 3 million views. His peak concurrent viewers stood over 167K. He is still the most followed person on Twitch even though he hasn’t streamed there for a year. His stream with TimTheTatman, CouRage, and DrLupo got people talking on Twitter, too. You can check out some of the best reactions here.

Ninja Roasting SypherPK

Everyone watching the stream looked happy except for SypherPK. No doubt he was amazed by the number of people that were watching Ninja live but he actually got roasted on Ninja’s stream. Sypher posted the video himself which said “so I got Roasted on Ninja’s first YouTube stream.”

The video has an audio clip where Ninja says that since his video is getting so many viewers, Sypher must already be working on ‘clickbaity’ videos for his main and second channel. They went on to suggest random video titles like ‘Everything Epic Didn’t tell you about Ninja streaming on Youtube’ and ‘Ninja signs 20-year youtube contract.’

Sypher actually uploaded this clip of Ninja and the gang trolling him for putting up videos with clickbaity titles. He responded saying “I get a little success and my friends turn on me. For the record Ninja, I put my own name as clickbait and I use my own face in my stream.”

Of course, it is simply some light-hearted fun, and SypherPK was more than happy to laugh too. This friendly banter is something we see a lot of especially since the pair play Fortnite together quite often. They have also been arguing about the changes made to Fortnite but this only shows they care about the game so much. For now, we know Ninja may consider moving to YouTube Gaming. So we can expect to see a lot more of these roasts in the future.

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