Fortnite Ninja Battles tournament is currently live in the game. The celebrity streamer’s own FN tournament with an $80000 prize pool usually spans six weeks. However, kicking off back in May, the tournament got delayed in between and is continuing its latter half now. The tournament has two more weeks left to go.

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Recently Ninja had banned a pro from his esteemed tournament. TSM ZexRow had won the first week of the tournament which got him an official interview, that broadcasted on Mixer. This is where things went wrong. In that interview, the pro player from TSM had uttered the F-word a bit too many times and even went to such lengths as to tell other players to “suck my ****”. Of course, Ninja did not like his vulgar conduct and banned him from the tournament.

Ninja brings TSM ZexRow back to his Fortnite Tournament, cancelling his ban

ZexRow was immediately ashamed of his actions and took to Twitter to apologize, saying that he had forgotten that even parents of the players watch these interviews. To which Ninja replied, “Congrats on your first and last Ninja battles placement!”.

Congrats on your first and last Ninja battles placement!

— NinjaInnit (@Ninja) May 28, 2020

The heat rose high about this incident and it soon became a huge deal (for good reason). Even his team, TSM, fined him for his misconduct. However, Ninja posted a Tweet yesterday saying that he is willing to give ZexRow a second chance and unbanned him from Ninja Battles. Looks like ZexRow’s apology finally appealed to the Twitch celebrity’s better nature. What Ninja said entirely makes sense and truly everyone does deserve a second chance.

I am letting @TSM_ZexRow back in to #NinjaBattles this week, and for the remainder of the weeks. everybody deserves second chances, people make mistakes and I am excited to watch the tournament today! Good luck to everyone participating 😈

— NinjaInnit (@Ninja) September 21, 2020

Ninja has recently got back the spotlight on him as he made his return to streaming holding the hands of Twitch again. After leaving fans hanging about his whereabouts for a long time, giving rise to endless conjecture and speculation, the Twitch lord returned to a hearty welcome from his fans recently.