Although the new season has been out for less than a week. We are already getting brand new POIs!

Panther MounumentPanther Mounument

Although the release of Chapter 2 Season 4 had minimal map changes.

It appears Epic is rolling out new locations every couple of days since the season released.

Now, a brand new location has appeared on the map.

Here’s a full guide!



Panther Monument was originally leaked when the season released back on the 27th.

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HYPEX was the first Fortnite leaker to notice this in the game files, and they even posted where it would appear on the map.

Panther Monument is located west of Misty Meadows!

Panther Monument Location min 1Panther Monument Location min 1RIP – Long live Black Panther

Boss and Abilities

Since this is a Black Panther inspired POI, there is of course going to be a boss and mythic abilities here as well.

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HYPEX also noted the two abilities for Black Panther; and you will be able to find them at Panther Monument.

The two abilities are:

Kinetic AbsorptionWhirlwind BlastBlack Panther Abilties 3Black Panther Abilties 3STRONG – Wonder how strong these abilities will be?


It is unknown as of now how many chests/ground spawns will be at Panther Monument.

We assume there will be a lot since it appears to be a rather large POI.

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