Fortnite servers are back online as Epic Games has finished implementing the latest patch 13.20 for the popular battle royale game.

Epic confirmed the downtime for Fortnite had finished at around 10am today after the game was offline for roughly three hours.

This update has skipped ahead a few numbers, which is surprising but it also means that quite a lot has been added to the game now,

Now the update has rolled out, players should have no problem updating their game by downloading the new patch and logging back in.

The official Twitter page for Fortnite’s server status shared the information earlier today.

Fortnite v13.20 patch notes

While these patch notes don’t go into much detail, it’s the best we have directly from Epic Games.

Hot New Weapon

“We’ve added some new flare to your arsenal”.

Deployable Workbench

“Easier access to upgrading and sidegrading is on the way”.

Limited Time Modes are back

“LTMs arrive this week for Season 3. We’re starting with some fan favourites”.

A Hero Arrives

“A mighty arrival is coming to the item shop this week. Stay tuned”.

Fortnite players report removal of the game’s police cars

While this isn’t much to go on, it looks like the flare gun has been added back into the game.

Also, limited-time modes will be making a comeback this season, adding in new game modes which will shake up the current meta.

Deployable workbenches have been added because of how difficult it was to actually find them dotted about the map. This additional item will surely help players use them in greater numbers.

Update v13.20 has also fixed a host of bugs, according to the official Trello board of known issues.

Battle Royale bug fixes

Fixed an issue when you would take fall damage from departing a zupline and landing in shallow water.
Fixed an issue where epic and legendary SMGs sometimes couldn’t be Sidegraded.
Fixed an issue when damaging a marauder counted towards Storm Surge.
Fixed an issue where Chug Splash didn’t heal when thrown inside a bush.
Fixed an issue where Supply Drops may sometimes push loot under the map.

Elsewhere in Fortnite, the PvE mode Save The World has introduced a new feature called Ventures.

These ventures are a new season-long excursion that will take place in a special zone.

Ventures will also feature new and unique gameplay modifiers in place which you will need to compete with to succeed.

Fortnite servers are now back online after downtime, so jump in.

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