Fortnite players have previously encountered glitches that eliminated fall damage. It seems like players are facing the exact opposite with a newly discovered fall damage bug. Apparently, some players receive fall damage after jumping off a zipline and landing into water. The glitch is particularly strange as using a zipline and jumping into water are supposed to negate fall damage. Affected players have posted videos on Reddit to notify the community and developers about the glitch.

Somehow Died of Fall Damage from Jumping OFF a Zip Line and INTO WATER from r/FortNiteBR

The first video shows a player lose all of their health due to fall damage, while another video on Reddit shows a player losing a significant amount of health in the same circumstances. While the developers have not responded to these reports, many players are speculating what might be causing this glitch.

Is this supposed to happen? from r/FortNiteBR

According to speculations, Epic has tried to fix the glitches that eliminated fall damage altogether and, in the process, introduced a new bug. Currently, the bug has only affected Xbox One users, so it may be platform-specific.

Hopefully, Epic will fix this bug soon.