After the total destruction of Battle Island in the climax of Fortnite Season X and the subsequent introduction of Episode 2 Season 1, Epic Games seemed to enter a period of cooling. As the first time for the real battle since its launch in 2017, the developer chose to delay the next major update of Chapter 2, adding another 30 days to the usual three-month cycle of seasonal updates.

The resulting content drought finally came to an end last month with the launch of Episode 2 Season 2, of course, and a new addition in particular makes fans cry out to learn more. In case you haven’t heard it, Marvel’s cranky mutant, Deadpool, has decided to honor the players with his presence in season 2: Top secret, although so far the unconventional superhero was finally revealed in the game.

As for how it is done to find Wade Wilson’s alter ego: it is actually quite simple. Just go to the Battle Pass section of FortniteClick on the main menu and click on the vent on the screen. As previously discovered, this will take you to Deadpool’s secret hiding place, only this time it is not empty.


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As shown above, the previously closed bathroom cabin has opened wide, and its occupant left for an impromptu game session.

Unfortunately, the hero has nothing to say about your intrusion, although the development may imply that Epic is ready to move on with the current event. It is believed that completing a series of different challenges (accessed through the computer seen above) during Season 2 is the method in which players will finally get Deadpool’s adjusted attire for their own costume collection . It is not clear how many challenges there are, although if I had to guess, Epic will probably extend the event throughout season 2, and the last few weeks will be the first opportunity to dress like the character himself.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is now available on all platforms and adds a number of new features. See here for all the details.

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