Questions remain over Epic’s dragon plans for battle royale hit Fortnite. The company heavily teased the presence of these large, mythical beasts during Season 8, including the presence of dragon eggs in the volcano and a final Battle Pass skin with dragon themes. The end of Season 8 arrived without any dragon activity, but it looks like things are about to change in Season 9.

Fortnite‘s battle royale island saw the arrival of a towering castle on an icy mountain in the game’s Season 7. The point of interest is located in the island’s snow biome, and it has previously played a role in the game’s overall storyline. Around the end of last year, ice around the castle had melted substantially enough to reveal the presence of large dragon eggs.

Players had expected a dragon to finally appear from the volcano after it began smoking during the end of Season 8. It was an excellent guess based on the dragon eggs previously located in the volcano’s throne room, but it ultimately didn’t prove true — the volcano destroyed Tilted Towers and is now a mere crater in the ground. The dragon is still absent.

However, in recent hours another location has started exhibiting serious activity: Polar Peak. The iceberg upon which the castle is located has started cracking, shaking, and occasionally blasting frost from its inner depths. All signs point toward the iceberg starting to crumble and players are anticipating the upcoming loss of Polar Peak as a location.

What could make a mountain-sized iceberg shake and split? Players speculate it’s a dragon that has formed within, and for good reason. In addition to the dragon eggs that appeared under the castle when the ice melted during Season 7, the Season 8 finale resulted in projectiles from the volcanic eruption striking Polar Peak, causing the initial splits in the ice. Based on player reports, something is causing the iceberg to shake and shed ice every 30 seconds.

Note: The image above shows the explosion that happened at Polar Peak during the Season 8 volcanic eruption event.