Epic finally confirms the anticipated Fortnite Predator crossover, which will likely result in adding the alien hunter as a character skin.

After hinting at a possible Fortnite Predator crossover, Epic Games has shared an official teaser effectively confirming fan theories. The iconic alien hunter and the killing machine will join the colorful roster of characters already present in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite’s Season 5 opened a vast universe of opportunities for featuring iconic characters from different well-established franchises. It all started with the Mandalorian as the flagship of the season who was then later accompanied by a plethora of other popular personalities. Included in the roster were God of War’s Kratos and even Halo’s Master Chief. But while the majority of players were glad to see these heroes fighting on the Battle Island, some fans got upset seeing their idols being completely out of character by performing silly Fortnite dances.

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Epic Games has finally shared an official confirmation of the Predator coming to Fortnite. On Twitter, the company posted a short teaser featuring a crashed Predator spaceship, which indicates the inevitable addition of a new character skin. The new secret mystery costume was teased by the development team in the 15.20 patch notes. The description heavily hinted at the Predator being added as a new bounty hunter. In addition to that, Predator-themed rewards for completing so-called Jungle Hunter quests appeared in the game. The very first tease, however, goes as far as December when Epic included a Predator-related item in a physical gift bag for a fan. It all helped the Fortnite community guess the identity of the new guest character beforehand. But while the skin itself is yet to be revealed, there’s no doubt that the alien bounty hunter is on the way to the game.

Although famous characters are currently among the hottest and most anticipated additions to Fortnite, Epic might be planning on introducing new gameplay mechanics. According to a recent leak, the developers are testing a “Weapon Mod Slots” feature, which might enable adding gun attachments. For the time being, weapons’ performance depends on the rarity, which is strictly set and cannot be altered by players. Having an option to use attachments can drastically change the way the gameplay is perceived, which might add a whole new level of depth and complexity to the battle royale title.

Predator fits perfectly in the current Season 5 content, dedicated to bounty hunters from across various universes. Epic will definitely keep adding vivid characters from established IPs to Fortnite, which might result in bizarre crossover duels between fictional personalities who would’ve never met on the battlefield otherwise. Soon, fans will have the opportunity to determine if the Mandalorian can beat the dangerous Predator.

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