Fortnite battle royale controversies never seem to stop. The accusations become dirty when it comes to players getting banned, or teammates cheating. That is exactly what is happening in the community right now. Most professional players and streamers are accusing each other of using foul means. Even the sanctity of tournaments is not being spared.

Most of it started with players not being fair in tournaments. At the same time, competitive players were blaming the servers used for tourneys. Accusations of using aimbot have probably never been more frequent before. Even the world champion Bugha faced the same accusation. However, as unfounded it may seem, it is still a bad tag added to their image.

Liquid Cented updated his tweet and now several other players are following it. Yesterday, we saw Bugha being accused, today, he insinuated someone is cheating in the Bugha Throwback cup.

Fortnite pros and their cheating accusations

For a professional player who does this for a living, the accusation of cheating can be quite drastic. First and foremost, most of these pros are quite young. The backlash and the toxic language they face from the community can get disturbing. This happens almost all the time, even before the evidence is verified. Thus, several young pro gamers go through the worst of times, even though they had nothing to do with it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the world champ, or a pro, or just some random player. Everyone gets accused of cheating in Fortnite. When it comes to accusations, FaZe Clan members have a long history with it. Especially with members like Dubs, Jarvis – one was pulled through the mud, and the other banned. FaZe Sway decided to come up with a screenshot on twitter about a permanent ban.

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Toxic behavior has to stop in the game

Ballatw, a competitive Fortnite and Valorant caster, gave his stance on Twitter. It completely resonates with what the majority of the community feels right now. Blatant soft aimbot accusations and calling out teammates is not the best way to go about this.

Similarly, hiding or aiding a player who cheats is quite problematic. There has to be a certain balance between accusations with evidence and just randomly throwing shade at someone. Epic Games tend to take all this too seriously; thus, its best to tread carefully with all these accusations.