They argue that the format heavily relied on RNG and involved no sort of strategic gameplay.

The Winter Royale Duos competition is in full swing and players all over the world have their best chance to date at placing in the money. Each day of action features a different point system, with Friday and Saturday being brand new formats. This is to both to reward various playstyles and also for Epic Games to test for future tournaments.

With that said, it would seem that Day 1’s experiment was a huge failure in most people’s eyes. There were only 2 ways to earn points on Friday, eliminations and Victory Royales. Each kill would score you a point, whilst winning the game would net you a massive 15 point bonus.

really dislike the format

— Clix (@ClixHimself) December 21, 2019

With all other placement points gone, and the odds of securing a victory stacked against you, this meant that full sending for elims was the only real meta. In earlier lobbies this wasn’t a problem, but as your score increases so does the skill of your opponents. This meant that eventually every fight would be against a good player, and getting points became a lot harder.

Although it is an inevitable part of Fortnite, many argue that this format was way too RNG based. Most players were landing at contested POIs as kills were so necessary, meaning that it often came down to whether or not you got shield off the rip. As well as this, teams who didn’t get zone late game would just forget about rotating and fight in the storm.

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson commented on how a “0 skill 1 kill 99th” would get you the same points as a “1 kill 2nd”. This doesn’t ever make sense in a Battle Royale and is a guaranteed way to get players tilted. Mongraal and his duo Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish took a 2 hour break during the NA-East tournament to get into easier lobbies and then came back and got a 17 kill win.

worst format 0 skill 1 kill 99th same as 1 kill 2nd ????????????????

— code mongraal #ad ?? (@Mongraal) December 21, 2019

During their first match on NA-West, Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff and Nicholas “Zoof” Zufan were even discussing deliberately losing. They already had a lot of eliminations and were debating throwing the match in order to get back into a lower skilled lobby and maximise their points. Any format which has players contemplating coming second on purpose is seriously flawed.

As mentioned earlier, this new scoring system was just a test. Hopefully the developers will take note of the overwhelmingly negative feedback and avoid implementing anything similar in the future. Day 2’s format however, is something that many players have been wanting for a long time. It rewards a larger range of placements, with more point thresholds than usual. This will likely lead to some stacked endgames and exciting gameplay.