It looks like pump shotguns are back in Fortnite along with a few other items. Lets take a look at what has been unvaulted.

The only thing that seperates us from Fortnite season 4 is the servers being down for maintenance. However, as is the norm with major updates and new seasons, we have a bunch of leaks and other information that wouldn’t be available if not for Fortnite data-miners.

At the start of every Fortnite season, Epic Games vault and unvault a number of items and weapons in order to try keep the game fresh. They sometimes add in new items and weapons too, but in this article we’ll cover the items and weapons that have made a return in today’s v14.00 update.

Here’s all the items and weapons we know have returned thanks to data-miners. We’ll update this if more items are found to be unvaulted.

Fortnite Pump Shotguns are back

By far the biggest change in the meta is the return of the pump shotguns in Fortnite. If data-miners are correct, the pump is back in Fortnite for season 4. The pump shotgun was added way back in the v1.6 update.

Pump shotgun fortnite

Pump shotgun fortnite

In the middle of season 6, Epic Games added an Epic and Legendary version of the Pump Shotgun. The pump was originally vaulted at the start of season 9. It made a return in the v9.30 update, but was limited to the uncommon and rare variants.

The pump shotgun was then removed at the start of Fortnite season 3, v13.00, but has now made a return. We’re not quite sure if the pump shotgun is back in every variety or just a few, but we’ll update this when we find out.

Tac SMG, Bounce Pads, and Boogie Bombs Return

Epic Games are really looking at shaking up the meta this season with the return of the Tactical Submachine Gun (Tac SMG) along with bounce pads and boogie bombs.

Fortnite Weapon - Tactical SMGFortnite Weapon – Tactical SMG

The Tac SMG was added in the v1.6.3 update and was vaulted in the v11.00 update, but now makes a return.

Fortnite bouncer padFortnite bouncer pad

Bounce pads, known as bouncers, were vaulted in the v11.00 update and make a return in today’s v14.00 update. It’s a trap item that allows players to bounce off walls quickly to leap great heights. Bouncers negate fall damage entirely.