Fortnite will be ringing in the new year with a celebration. Take a look at what to expect.

Epic Games is known for celebrating national and worldwide holidays with in-game events and cosmetics. Anyone who played Fortnite during the 2018 New Year will remember what happened that day.

This was Taco Time before Taco Time came to the game. Every hour, on the hour, Fortnite would celebrate the turn of the year with an in-game ball drop.

The event was cool but got a bit annoying after a while. Those who played for a few hours – or during the turn of the hour – would undoubtedly get boned by the event that happened across all regions.

It appears as though Epic is planning something similar for this year. Those who have been looking through their replay files may have noticed a disco ball beginning to render in the middle of the map.

Via: u/NoVa_Iwarrior

If we know anything about Epic, though, it’s that they probably aren’t going to use the exact same event as last year. We have a new Chapter, a new map, a new holiday theme, and more since last year. Wouldn’t Epic give us a new event as well?

We’ll likely see some more information about the New Year’s event as the date gets closer. What do you think will happen? Did you like last year’s event or do you want something new? Let us know in the comments.