Fortnite huge rubber duck and giant beach umbrella are what Battle Royale fans will be searching for in the latest 14 Days of Summer challenge.

Fortnite visit a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber ducky in a single match is the most recent 14 Days of Summer challenge.

Completing the Fortnite rubber ducky and beach umbrella challenge will reward players with a Quack Pack back bling.

The Fortnite huge rubber ducky is the trickiest thing to find with this new 14 Days of Summer challenge.

The map location for the Fortnite rubber duck varies from match to match, so where you’ll find it is random.

However, the place Fortnite Battle Royale players should be looking is the river as that’s where it’s limited to traveling.

The Fortnite duck travels the river that starts north of Lazy Lagoon and goes through Loot Lake, Neo Tilted, near Fatal Fields and west of Lucky Landing.

The Fortnite beach umbrellas are easier to find, with these located at six different spots on the Battle Royale map.

You can find a map showing the locations for the Fortnite beach umbrellas in this story.

In case you’re wondering, then here is the full list of the 14 Days of Summer challenges – with just a few left to unlock…


• Dance at different Fortnite beach parties

• Bounce a Fortnite giant beach ball in different matches

• Eliminations with the daily unvaulted weapon or a Drumgun

• Thank the bus driver in Fortnite and finish top 20 in different matches

• Pop Fortnite party balloon decorations

• Search Fortnite unicorn floaties at swimming holes

• Hit a player with a water balloon in different matches

• Bounce off of a Fortnite giant beach umbrella in different matches

• Score trick points with a Driftboard with the Neon Tropics applied to it

• Launch Fortnite fireworks found along the river bank

• Get a score of 10 or more on a Fortnite Carnival Clown Board

• Visit a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber ducky in a single match

• Search the loading screen

• Destroy grills with the Low n’ Slow Harvesting Tool