Fortnite Save the World, Today’s V-Buck Missions 3 July 2019


We see all the Fortnite Save the World V-buck alert missions proposed by Epic Games today July 3rd, 2019, on all game consoles and PCs.

After several days of absence, the V-buck alert missions finally return to Fortnite Save the World. These are temporary missions, lasting about 24 hours, which offer as a reward to the players of Fortville’s PvE game mode also the very precious V-buck, the payment currency also present on Battle Royale.

In the past few days, Epic Games has not even offered an alert, so that Fortnite Save the World players were beginning to fear that it would have removed the missions forever. Today, however, four have arrived: the first is present in Pietralegno, in a level 9 mission: reward players with 25 V-buck. The second is also in Pietralegno, but on a level 19 mission: the reward will, therefore, be slightly higher, ie 30 V-buck.

The two Save the World alert missions are present in the next worlds, Tavolaccia and Montespago. The Tavolaccia mission (level 28) will offer as a reward another 30 V-buck, that of Montespago (level 132, so very few will be able to participate) as many as 40 V-buck. Difficult to predict if the V-buck alert missions will remain on save the world once the latter has finally become free.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.