Fortnite Season 10 has an end date set for October 13, 2019, at least for the Battle Pass and other in-game events.

Epic Games recently confirmed they were extending Season X, along with a number of updates on other pressing matters.

This also includes news from an outside source on when the live event for Season 10 will be happening.

And we also have a pretty good idea the kind of time Fortnite Season 10 will be finished on October 13.


Fortnite Season 10 will end on Sunday, October 13, and will likely include an in-game event worth watching.

And from what has been shared by Epic Games regarding that big date, gamers in the UK could be looking at a pretty late end time.

For now, Season 10 is still running, and there is an overtime mission that can be completed on all platforms.

The interesting thing is that Epic Games shared an end time for the event, with The Out of Time Mission available from Tuesday, October 8 at 9 AM ET until Sunday, October 13 at 2 PM ET.

This would suggest that whatever happens on October 13, Season 10 will only end after 2pm ET, or 7pm, BST.


The Fortnite Season 10 live event is expected to kick-off just after the Overtime Mission stuff finishes on all platforms.

Some believe it will be 7pm in the UK and will include some massive news for fans of the hit Battle Royale game.

A brand new map is a possibility, only the second to be launch for Fortnite Battle Royale since it went live.

The Fortnite Live Event will be called “The End” and will usher in a new era for the game.

As always, people will be able to tune into the event by accessing the game and going to the live servers.

Epic Games will likely lock fire mode and make it possible for everyone to watch whatever unfolds without being eliminated.

This information isn’t official, but most data miners believe that Sunday, October 13, will be the time for the live event.

The one thing that Epic Games has shared is an in-game timer that can be found at Dusty Depot.


With a new map being teased on October 13, it would make sense that Fortnite Season 11 would start soon after.

But it appears with the end approaching, Epic Games could do things a little differently this time.

Monday, October 14, seems like a more ideal time to launch the new season, or perhaps even a day later than that.

Servers are likely to suffer with the launch of the live event so it would make sense to wait for the big Seasonal changeover.

The good news is that we should hear more solid facts from Epic Games – possibly in cryptic form – later this week.