August 5, 2019

BT internet traffic saw an 40 per cent increase in traffic in the space of an hour when Fortnite Season 10 was released in the UK at 9am on August 4th.

Fortnite, played by 250 million gamers, recently saw the first ever Fortnite World Cup take place in New York with the winner taking away $3 million in prize money.

This spike in traffic is compared to the previous four weeks of UK household internet activity, which shows changes due to the start of the school holidays.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer Division, said: “The launch of a new release like this is a real event, and the massive surge in traffic shows the game’s amazing popularity. We build the BT network to be able to manage traffic surges like this with no negative impact, and we closely analyse the trends to ensure we can stay ahead of demand.”