Daily challenges were replaced by limited time mission sets in Season X and Week 4’s mission pack has been already leaked.

With Season X, Epic Games wanted to change up the challenge system in several ways including changing how challenges are delivered to players. Limited time mission set replaced daily challenges in order to engage players to play more actively.

We already saw the Week 3 & 4 Battle Pass missions be leaked with patch v10.10. In addition to these, data miners found their way into the Limited Time set for Week 4 as well.

Season 10 Week 4 Limited Time Missions leak

Through careful and methodical work, data miners & leakers comb through files in order to find goodies left there by Epic Games. As we’ve mentioned before, Epic has been tightening up security by encrypted certain files like upcoming locations until the very last minutes.

Cosmetics and challenges are another story, however. These aren’t considered ‘highly classified’ materials and are practically always added visibly into the files two weeks prior to launch.

@Lucas7yoshi leaked the Week 4 Limited Time ‘Junk Storm’ Missions via Twitter.

Week 4 Season X Limited Time ‘Junk Storm’ missions

The majority of the missions don’t attract our interest. They’re the same old thing with simple completion requirements.

The ‘consume glitched foraged items’ could refer something special coming in a patch or content update, but we’re not sure what at this time. The overall name of the pack does draw our attention due to the Junk Rift leak from August 14.

While the missions don’t directly mention the Junk Rift here, the ‘Junk Storm’ name all but confirms its launch with Week 4. At least that’s the plan currently set out by Epic Games. Remember, plans can change if bugs are discovered in the final testing stages for the item.

What are your thoughts on Epic’s new mission system in Season X? We’re happy with the changes in the broad view. They do limit free players’ ability to complete the Battle Pass, but the system does bring a lot more variety of mission types than the previous Fortbyte feature in Season 9.